Thursday, May 10, 2012

Environment Concept

This is a design for an environment that I intend to finish this summer. I have modeled the foreground elements and spent quite a lot of time with the ice and snow shaders, but I will be doing heavy post work in Photoshop for this one. For the ice and snow, I followed several tutorials and modified them to get results closer to what I wanted. I am still working on them.

The background mountains are hardly visible, but here's what they look like. The terrain was sculpted in Vue and imported into Maya as an OBJ file. I could have done this in Maya by using a height map created in Photoshop, but Vue is definitely more intuitive. Plus I hadn't used Vue in over a year, so I wanted to test it out again.

Here is another environment that showcases the mountains better than the concept above. I tried to render the scene with my vehicle models, but my PC kept running out of RAM. I will have to composite them in later. The planets were created in Photoshop.

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