Thursday, May 17, 2012

VTOL Othographic Views

Almost forgot, here are some ortho views.

Final VTOL Renders

My Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft is now finished. This wraps up my capstone project and my final semester at Johnson County Community College. There are still lots of little things to change. I plan on working on both vehicles and an environment to showcase them in the future.

Here are the final renders and the AO pass for each one as well.

VTOL WIP Progress

I have finished by Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft, but I haven't posted any WIP. So, here are some quick renders that I saved during the process.

More of the model completed:

A lot more detail in this render. The modeling, except for the tail fins, is done.

Here is the model with the UV's nearly done. I mostly used Maya for this because Bodypaint does not have a move and sew command, and Maya screws up BP UV's when the "Layout" command is used. Unfortunately, I did most of it in BP before realizing this. Anyway, in some areas the checker texture appears to be too big or too small, but those parts use larger or smaller texture maps. For example, the wing uses an 8K texture because it runs the length of the plane, but the landing is only a 2K texture because it is much smaller. I tried to keep the level of detail in the texture consistent since the most of the plane uses the same type of material.

Base Texture Completed:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Environment Concept

This is a design for an environment that I intend to finish this summer. I have modeled the foreground elements and spent quite a lot of time with the ice and snow shaders, but I will be doing heavy post work in Photoshop for this one. For the ice and snow, I followed several tutorials and modified them to get results closer to what I wanted. I am still working on them.

The background mountains are hardly visible, but here's what they look like. The terrain was sculpted in Vue and imported into Maya as an OBJ file. I could have done this in Maya by using a height map created in Photoshop, but Vue is definitely more intuitive. Plus I hadn't used Vue in over a year, so I wanted to test it out again.

Here is another environment that showcases the mountains better than the concept above. I tried to render the scene with my vehicle models, but my PC kept running out of RAM. I will have to composite them in later. The planets were created in Photoshop.